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AGC of America Sues Federal Government Regarding Paycheck Protection Program Rules

The Associated General Contractors of America filed suit to compel the Small Business Administration and the Office of Management and Budget to revise the questionnaire being used to reassess whether companies were eligible for Paycheck Protection Program loans, according to a statement on the organization’s website. The construction association is also asking the federal courts to restrict use of the information that the questionnaire generates until the SBA makes it available to the public and revises it.

“The administration has every right, and obligation, to ensure businesses were eligible to apply for and receive the relief loans,” says Stephen E. Sandherr, the association’s chief executive officer. “But they do not have the right to use a secretly crafted form to gather unprecedented amounts of proprietary information that has little or nothing to do with the economic uncertainty that led businesses to apply for the loans in the first place.”

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